Terenzio Silk and Artificial Silk Flylines


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We are very proud agents for the fine handcrafted silk and artificial silk flylines of Mr. Terenzio Zandri of Italy. We had the opportunity to fish his work, and believe it is of the exemplary quality that our customers have come to expect of our offerings. The customer reviews have been outstanding!

Fine Silk Lines by Terenzio: J.D. Wagner, Agent

Mr Zandri has been making silk lines for 20 years. His lines are all handcrafted and exhibit a keen eye for detail...even the packaging is attractive and each line comes complete with two handcrafted silk furled leader butts and a generous container of grease. I've examined Terenzio silk lines that have been in use for a period of years and they are very, very supple and still functioning well....actually improving with age!

Like any silk line, they can be dressed the entire length to provide a full floating line. Or, they can be partially dressed to function as a sink tip or left ungreased to function as an intermediate sinking line. One of the great attributes of silk is therefore its versatility...it can function as the equivalent of 3 synthetic lines. This characteristic- along with their durability- mitigates the higher initial investment.

For those that wish to experience fishing with a line that feels like silk, but without the maintenance, Terenzio offers his synthetic silk lines. These are woven lines- just like silk- but are made from synthetic fiber. They are greased like a genuine silk line, but it is not necessary to unspool the line at the end of the day to allow it to dry. Customers then get the best of both worlds: true silk line feel without the maintainance! These are emphatically not just a denser version of a modern production synthetic line, but rather a carefully handcrafted line that truly feels and performs like silk...people that have cast them have ben amazed when we tell them they've just cast the artificial silk version!

Both the genuine and synthetic silk lines come with an integral loop connections at each end of the line for easy connection to backing and the leader....a very nice touch that is indicative of his attention to detail and function!

Ternenzio Silk Line to Leader Loops- Detail

In addition to these characteristics, you get the pleasure of fishing your fine handcrafted cane rod with a line just as carefully made by hand and in fitting with tradition.

These lines are 25 meters in length and available in DT0- DT6. In addition, half and quarter weight lines (ie DT 4 1/2) are available by special order. Just contact us!

Salmon lines(DT8-DT11) are available in 40 meter lengths.

Fine Silk Lines by Terenzio: J.D. Wagner, Agent

Silk Line FAX

There's been quite a bit of hype making the rounds about silk lines, and we have been getting a lot of unusual questions about their performance and care.

About care: If well-cared for, these lines will last indefinitely. Care is a simple matter that includes stripping the line used from the reel at the end of the fishing day and laying or hanging in loose coils to dry. Before fishing the next day the line needs to be dressed with the provided dressing and given a few minutes for the dressing to penetrate and dry. I will also routinely strip the line off the reel at lunch to allow it to dry, and redress the line before the evening rise.

Performance: There's been a lot of hype that these lines will bring out remarkable and magical properties of cane rods, because cane rods were designed for silk lines. This is bull! All cane rods, and all flylines, are designed by the weight of line being cast. It matters little if the line is synthetic or silk, as both are designed by weight. It should be noted that lines vary from manufacturer to manufacturer in terms of weight(even though there are industry standards) and other properties such as stiffness and slickness. In addition, recommended fly line weights for fly rods are a matter of personal taste. If the rod is rated for a DT 5 line, but you prefer a DT6, then the rod is a 6 weight!

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