Individual Rodmaking Tools

In addition to offering the following hand tools in kit form, each is also available individually. The descriptions for each and their cost follow.

Stanley 9 1/2 Block Plane: The block plane is a cornerstone of a fine handcrafted rod. Stanley still produces its classic 9 1/2 model, fully adjustable and capable of fine, accurate work. This plane, with its 20 degree bedding angle, will perform all planing steps from roughing through finish planing. We strongly recommend adding a Hock A2 replacement blade as listed below. $62 plus shipping.

Hock Replacement Plane Blade: The blades produced by Ron Hock have become world famous for their quality and superior cutting and honing attributes. These A2 cryogenic-treated blades, when properly sharpened, can take a shaving so thin you can almost see through it and will hold en edge longer then ever. Each comes with an instruction sheet for recommended procedures to flatten the back of the blade and hone the bevel to a razor edge. $50 plus shipping.

Bamboo froe: An essential tool for splitting cane, it pays to have a dedicated froe instead of ruining a good knife for the job. This tool is best struck with a dead-blow mallet. $48 plus shipping.

Soft Head Carver's Mallet: Used to drive a froe, chisel or gouge. This is a large mallet with a soft head to cushion rebound and prevent damage to your tools. The heft of this tool also makes for a nice, strong blow. $45 plus shipping.

Dovetail Saw (Noko Giri): This Japanese saw features razor sharp teeth and 21 teeth/inch. Like all Japanese saws, these saws cut on the pull stroke. This saw is an invaluable part of our shop and is used to cut raw culms and strips to length as well as trim glued sections. It functions perfectly whether trimming the finest tip section or cutting through an entire culm in seconds. $58.00 plus shipping. Note: replacement blades are available for $30 plus shipping.

RazorSaw for raw bamboo. A much thicker specialist saw then the above, with a much more aggressive cutting action for cutting raw culms to length. Helps save your fine Dovetail saw blade for more delicate work. $34 plus shipping. Replacement blades $21 plus shipping.

#1,000/6,000 Combination Waterstone: This type of stone is recommended by many authors for the sharpening and honing of plane blades and other shop tools. A great stone for the person making a few rods a year that may not wish to invest a large sum of money on diamond stones, the double grits will quickly establish and hone a bevel to a mirror finish. $46 plus shipping.

Honing Guide(Standard): This is an 'on the stone' type of honing guide that is set to the proper honing angle by regulating the distance to the leading edge of the blade, and one can therefore sharpen to any angle that is desired. If one desires to finish the honing process with a 'microbevel', just lay a piece of this shim stock on the stone where the roller rests and give the guide a couple of forward strokes. Because waterstones need to be dressed from time to time to flatten them, an 'on the stone' type of guide will always keep a consistent sharpening angle. $17 plus shipping.

3M Hard Rubber Sanding Block: A high quality rubber block that we use to sand enamel and touch up nodes. $9 plus shipping.

Camelia Oil: This non-toxic oil is used to prevent oxidation of your planes, blades, planing forms...any tool in your shop subject to rusting. Comes in an 8 ounce pump bottle. $24.25 plus shipping.

DMT Diamond Stones: A while back I made the switch to using diamond stones for all sharpening steps (except final polishing) and have never looked back. Although they are initially more expensive then waterstones, they offer numerous advantages. They always stay flat, thus saving time by not needing to be constantly dressed. Unlike a waterstone that can shatter into useless pieces if accidentally dropped, they are more durable. They can be used to sharpen other tools such as router bits-even carbide-so it goes without saying they cut like no one's business. These stones are now available in the DuoStone format where one grit is on one side of the stone, another grit on the reverse side. The DuoStone format is a cost savings over buying the older individual stones. Available in Extra-Coarse/Coarse, Fine/Extra Fine. $106 each plus shipping.

Takenoko 8,000 Grit Waterstone: Used in combination with the above diamondstones for final polishing, there is no finer stone available to produce a mirror finish.  A large stone( 8 3/8 x 2 7/8 x 1") that will last forever if properly used and cared for. $93 plus shipping.

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