Snake Brand(TM) Guides and Tip-Tops

Snake Brand

We stock chrome and black nickel finish Snake Brand(TM) guides and tip tops. These premium guides feature a fine wire, nicely shaped feet with a flat foot bottom.

Agate Strippers by Perfect

Perfect Agate Stripper Guides, J.D. Wagner, Agent

NEW! We are proud to announce we are now carrying agate stripping guides by Perfect. These are gorgeous and super high quality, with polished nickel silver frames, beautifully formed feet and presented just like the jewelry they are.

We are carrying them in 8,9 and 10mm sizes and in red, amber and coffee colors. Price is $29.95 plus shipping.


Snake Brand Black Nickel  or Chrome Snake Guides, sizes available, 4-2/0. Each $2.49 plus shipping.

Snake Brand Tip Tops, Black Nickel or Chrome. sizes available 3.5-5.5. Each $3.85 plus shipping.

Pac Bay Hard Chrome Strippers, Available in 8, 9, and 10 mm. sizes. Each $3.00 plus shipping.

Pac Bay Titanium Black Strippers, Available in 8, 9, and 10 mm. sizes. Each $4.50 plus shipping.

Perfect Agate Strippers, Available in 8, 9 and 10mm in red, amber and coffee. Each $28 plus shipping.

Tip-Top Needle File

Tip-Top Needle File

This is a very handly shop accessory. Tip-tops, as supplied, have a burr at the open end that makes the opening smaller then the real inside diameter of the tube. This means that the rodbuilder must spend extra time filing the end of the rod section to allow the tip to clear this constriction, thereby making the tip smaller then necessary. Just a few strokes with this file will clean off the burr and rough up the inner surface of the tube for better bonding. It is also invaluable in restoration work for cleaning out old glue and debris in old tip-tops. Price is $13.99 plus shipping.

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