Rod Tubes by Clear Creek, Rod Bags by Classic Sporting Enterprises

After all of your efforts to build the best rod you can, you'll be needing an appropriate bag and tube.

Clear Creek Rod Tubes and CSE Rod Bags, J.D. Wagner, Agent

Clear Creek Rod Tubes

Clear Creek tubes feature a thick black finish and brass colored screw and end caps. The end cap is press fit, so it's easy to trim the tube back, knock out the end cap and press it back into place. These 36" and 50" tubes can be easily cut back with a table saw, hack saw or chop saw. By purchasing these tubes full length and then simply cutting them back as needed, you only need to keep one size on hand!

1 5/8" x 50" $49 plus shipping

2" x 36" $59 plus shipping

CSE Rod Bags

Brought to you by Classic Sporting Enterprises(CSE), these are the highest quality bags we've ever seen. Made in America, and based on the classic bags used by Leonard! Khaki cotton blend, seams stitched on the outside so sections don't catch, leather hang tag. Available in 3" increments from 6-8.5 ft.

2 piece, 2 tip(3 pocket) bags $21.95 plus shipping

3 piece, 2 tip(4 pocket) bags $21.95 plus shipping

2 piece, single tip(2 pocket) bags $21.95 plus shipping

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