Rod Tubes by Landmark, Rod bags and Hang Tags by Classic Sporting Enterprises

New additons! After all of your efforts to build the best rod you can, you'll be needing an appropriate bag and tube.

Rod bags and Rod Tubes from J.D. Wagner

Landmark Tubes

Landmark tubes feature a black powder coat aluminum tube with solid brass end caps, and we are proud to use these tubes for all of our Signature Series rods! The finely threaded cap has a classic domed profile. Available in two diameters, we suggest the 1 5/8" for two-piece rods and the 2" for three-piece rods. These tubes can be easily cut back with a table saw, hack saw or chop saw. The end caps are then attached with epoxy. By purchasing these tubes full length and then simply cutting them back as needed, you only need to keep one size on hand!

1 5/8" x 50" $55 plus shipping

2" x 38" $65 plus shipping

NEW!  CSE Rod Bags and Hanging tags

Brought to you by CSE, these are the highest quality bags we've seen. Made in America! They are based on the classic rod bags used by Leonard. Khaki cotton blend, seams stitched on the outside so sections don't catch, with leather hang tag. Available in 3" increments from 6-9 feet. The hang tags feature a place a write in your name, identifying rod information such as weight and line weight, and care information. A nice Classic touch!

2 piece, 2 tip (3 pocket) bags

3 piece, 2 tip (4 pocket) bags

2 piece, single tip (2 pocket) bags

All sizes $21.95 each plus shipping.

Hanging Tags: 25 tags for $13.40 plus shipping